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Floor Sanding

Restoring and maintaining your home’s wood floors - beautifully

Restore your wood floors to their natural beauty

A lovingly restored wood floor can pleasantly enhance and add charm to any room. Bringing life and lustre back to a dull floor is truly satisfying. We recognise attention to detail is essential, keeping the authenticity of the existing floors boards, for the best result possible and we will help you restore your floor to its natural beauty.

Our fully trained and experienced team

Our team take great delight in restoring floors and bringing out their full potential, seeing how with a bit of time and effort they can transform the look and feel of a room. At the beginning of a project we will assess what preparation and repairs need doing to the floor boards to ensure the best working surface for sanding, staining and polishing.

We will fix any loose boards or replace them completely, remove old tacks and nails, sink any protruding nails and fill in any gaps and holes. We use the highest quality Lagler and Festool sanding machines and dust extraction systems to sand and restore wood floors, causing as minimal amount of disruption as possible.

Your dream wood floor can be a reality with just a little bit of expert knowhow. Contact us or call us on 01962 733016 today to see how we can help transform your wood floor.

Frequently asked questions:

If you have questions about how we help you restore your wood floor please call us on 01962 733016. However, below are some of the more common questions we are asked.

Do you do floor polishing?

Our floor sanding service includes the repair of boards, sanding, staining and then the sealing and polishing of the floor to ensure a perfect, beautifully restored floor.

How much does your floor sanding service cost?

The best way to get an accurate price for the sanding and renovation of your floor is to call us today so we can discuss the size of the project. However, as a guide see below:

Wood floor sanding and finishing with a clear lacquer or hard wax oil – price per square metre from £25 plus VAT
Gap filling using reclaimed wood strips and/or resin filler – price per square metre (priced against total floor area) over and above basic floor sanding and finishing charge from £5 plus VAT
Lifting and refixing of floorboards to install 50mm insulation board between the joists – price per square metre over and above basic floor sanding and finishing charge POA
Specialist finishes including staining and hand-distressing – price per square metre over and above basic floor sanding and finishing charge from £5 plus VAT
Replacement reclaimed pine floorboards – price per linear foot from £1.50 plus VAT

Can you replace any damaged floor boards?

We source quality reclaimed boards from reclamation yards, ensuring the boards selected are the best we can find. Reclaimed pine, once sanded gives a warm look which is often better suited in period or character properties.

Can you put insulation down under a wood floor?

We can fit insulation board or natural sheeps wool insulation under the floorboards, between the joists of your floor. This ensures that drafts are eliminated whilst still allowing air to circulate under the floors. Insulating a wooden floor is one way to reduce drafts and keep your living space cosy warm throughout the winter months.

How do you stain the wood floor after sanding?

The stains and colours we use are high quality products designed to enhance the floor rather than mask the grain. We colour the floors prior to applying the top coats of finish to give us greater control over the colour. Because we can mix our own stains, we can achieve a vast range of colour options for customers and we are happy to work with customers to achieve the look they require. We use many manufacturers products - the main ones to note are Morrells and Osmo.

How do you fill gaps between floor boards?

We fill the gaps between floorboards with reclaimed wood strips and resin filler. This helps to stop draughts and prevents the build up of dust between the gaps.

For parquet and mosaic floors, we use resin filler mixed with fine wood dust. There are other gapfilling solutions available depending on the floor and the look you are hoping to achieve and we are happy to discuss these with you.

Can I hire equipment from Alresford Interiors so I can sand a floor myself?

Yes you can hire sanding machines and equipment from us. The machines we use are professional machines so you will get a higher quality finish with almost no dust. These machines include Lagler Hummel, Flip, Trio, Festool dust extractors and Festool Rotex.

We will talk you through the process of sanding and even give you a demonstration on our training floor so you have as much information as possible before tackling your own floor. We can also supply you with all the abrasives you will need and a quality product to seal your floor with. Contact us

“I just wanted to say how delighted we are with our new sanded floor – it is much better than we imagined. See you soon for the next stage.”